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Question about jobs in Mechatronics?

April 11, 2016

Jeff L. asks…. Q: What jobs are available in Mechatronics? A: First, let’s define Mechatronics. Wikipedia defines Mechatronics as “Originally, mechatronics just included the combination of mechanics and electronics, hence the word is a combination of mechanics and electronics; however, as technical systems have become more and more complex the word has been broadened to […]

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Question about 3D Printing

March 17, 2016

Anthony A. asks… Q. I hear 3D printing is becoming more sophisticated? Is its use becoming more widespread? A. Indeed it is. The aircraft industry seems to be the litmus test of acceptance for the strict material properties demanded for that industry. Recently, a small piece of metal that houses the compressor inlet temperature sensor […]

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Smalley Steel Ring donates waterjet to College of Lake County

March 15, 2016

I just learned that Smalley Steel Ring Co., a manufacturer of retaining rings and wave springs, has donated an OMAX 2652 abrasive waterjet machining center to the College of Lake County (CLC) in Grayslake, IL. The school will integrate this midsize, cantilevered machine, the college’s first, into several courses including fabrication, wire EDM and welding. […]

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More Industrial Robots in America

March 8, 2016

I read an article from Dan Davis, Editor-in-Chief of the fabricator magazine, and noted with satisfaction that a global industrial robot maker, ABB, has opened their first robot manufacturing plant in America, near Detroit. For robotic sales in America, they say order lead times will drop from 15 to 6 weeks. So despite others’ trepidation […]

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Students are not Prepared for the Workplace?

March 1, 2016

I came across some interesting statistics in a report from AAC&U entitled Falling Short? College Learning and Careers Success. Several statistics caught my eye: • 58% of employers stated that graduates need to be better prepared for entry-level positions • 66% of employers stated that improvements are needed to prepare college student for advancement and […]

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Are Degrees a Requirement to get a Job?

January 20, 2016

Sasha P. asks… Q. I’m enrolled in a certificate program. Do employers require degrees or can I get a job with a certificate? A. You certainly can find a job with a certificate or two but if you want a career then I suggest you earn a degree. Demonstration of skills through certificates is not […]

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Am I too old to Apply?

January 13, 2016

Ralph G. asks… Q. I’m over 50 and looking for a job. Will I be considered too old for employment by anybody? A. Finding employment after 50 is not easy but there are a few things to consider. Participating in an adult internship/apprenticeship may get your foot in the door, and taking time off for […]

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Supply Chain Management isn’t always easy

January 11, 2016

By now you have heard of the E. coli outbreak that sickened more than 50 Chipotle customers. Even though a specific cause has not been identified, the handling and transportation of fresh meats and vegetables may have contributed to the rash of sicknesses linked to Chipotle. The logistics of moving fresh food across the country […]

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4D (Not 3D) Printing

October 12, 2015

According to Andy Pye in the UL Prospector, “4D printing … consists of smart materials that adapt and re-programme their properties, functionality or shape on demand, based upon external stimuli (such as submersion in water, or exposure to heat, pressure, current, ultraviolet light, or some other source of energy).” So far, the materials appropriate for […]

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